Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hong Kong - City of Life


Hong-Kong, the "city of life", designed and run by architects and entrepreneurs from around the world is a dense city of many cultures where you can find anything at anytime. It is one of the most crowded and diverse cities everywhere. It also has one of the most stunning urban landscapes in the world, especially at night where it blazes like a great flower of light with petals of neon.Hong Kong itself is divided into four main areas – Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and the Outlying Islands. Though each have a vital and long-standing role in Hong Kong tourism, most visitors spend the majority of their time in the densely populated area of Kowloon.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kagay Anons whitewater rafting adventure

Kagay-anon's Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Whitewater rafting is indeed a very exciting recreational activity which is popular all throughout the world. Before, rafting is only a means of transportation. But in this modern age, it becomes a pastime or a sport to some individuals. Rafting isn’t an easy activity. You get to encounter different classes of rapids until you get to bump into the most dangerous rapid: large waves and huge rocks. Safety is always important to this kind of activity.

Cagayan de Oro: a blooming city in Misamis Oriental province never gets too late when it comes to rapids. One of the city’s major tourism attractions are their WhiteWater Rafting Adventure. Aside from being friendly (since the city is known to be as the City of Golden Friendship), the whitewater rafting guides are also equipped with professional skills traversing the Cagayan de Oro River a couple of times.

Kagay-anon's Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Salt & Sill, Sweden's First Floating Hotel

 Salt & Sill, Sweden First Floating Hotel
alt & Sill Hotel - Sweden's first floating hotel, the innovative, eco-friendly development will offer visitors a new way to experience the beauty of the Bohuslan coast and enjoy the seafood of this Taste of West Sweden restaurant. The underside of the hotel’s pontoons will be a perfect home for shells and mussels, acting as a natural purification plant for the marine environment. A new reef outside the hotel will also be created to benefit shellfish.

The hotel consists of six two-storey building on floating pontoons.The floating hotel has 23 rooms with 46 beds, one of which is a suite. All the rooms have their own entrance and access to an outdoor seating area. The interior is characterized by modern Scandinavian simplicity with functional furniture and unique detailing. There is also a clear connection to food and wine. All the rooms are named after spices used in the kitchen and the colors have been carefully chosen to match.

Salt & Sill, Sweden First Floating Hotel