Friday, July 18, 2008

Eifel National Park

Within a landscape characterised by water and woods, the Eifel National Park offers to experience the fascination wilderness. Natures' breathtaking beauty and vital diversity contiuously growths and decays in the park. It is situated about 65 kilometers south-west of Cologne and 50 kilometers southeast of Aachen.

The parks motto is "Let nature be nature". Follow the black woodpeckers call into the “Jungle of Tomorrow”. Enjoy the thrilling views over three water reservoirs of the Eifel region or relax while hiking through romantic stream valleys and impressive beech forests. The Park offers unique hikes and numerous activities adressing all ages. Additionally, our programm addresses all our visitors certainly including people with physical or mental disabilities. Don’t hesitate to engage in a virtual visit of the Park and dive into natures' real world with us!

The Eifel National Park is home to more than 770 endangered animal and plant species. About 1.300 beetle species were discovered in our forests. Red deer, wild cats, beavers, black storchs, eagle owls and even wall – lizzards inhabit the region. Regarding vegetation, there is one particular plant fascinating our visitors every spring: the Yellow Daffodils, which create yellow carpets of flowers over the landscapes.

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