Friday, August 15, 2008

Children's Grand Park

Children's Grand Park is a monument of Busan local cultural assets and is a noted place in Busan that 2hundred thousand tourists visit yearly as well as a representative relaxation place in Busanjin-gu.As stated in marker stone at the entrance of "A Noted Water of Korea¡¤Seongjigok Reservoir¡¯, a number of citizens come to this mineral spring spot at dawn because of its beautiful view and the high quality medicinal water. Busan Educational and Cultural Center for Students, Busan Children Hall, Environment Publicity Hall and Choeup Plaza are in this place, and Forest bathing place, Promenade, Amusement ground, Nature learning place and Physical training park are formed here.

This place is for citizens who want to relax away from a complex urban life and keep a healthy life. The name of Seongji Valley resulted from a story that a geomancer of Seongji of the Silla Era surveyed all famous mountains in Korea, found that a stream of medicinal water ran through this valley and put an iron bar into the vein of valley. It was designated as an amusement park in 1971, and changed its name to Children¡¯s Grand Park to commemorate the World Children's Year in 1978.

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